Whether you are testing powershift transmissions, torque converters, marine gears, or hydraulic clutches, the TS75 test stand from Great Lakes Power is designed to meet your needs.

With standard height and extended height (deep reduction models), our TS models excel at testing even the largest transmissions and torque converters in close coupled and remote mount configurations with ease. TS75 Series Test Stands are robust, efficient, flexible, and easy to operate. These units feature a 75Hp prime mover, are compatible with wet or dry SAE 1 flywheel housings and are supplied complete with adapters for most SAE configurations. Custom adapters for nearly any application are available.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Complete Sensor Package provided including: Nine 500psig Pressure Transducers, Two Temperature Transducers and as many as Three Turbine Flow Meters
  • All Sensor Harnesses
  • Control Panel with 10” Color Touch Screen Display
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Speed Control Potentiometer
  • E-Stop Switch
  • Speed Pickups
  • External Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Hose and Custom Bracket Kits Available

Test Stand Options

External Lube Oil Supply
External Lube Oil Supply Optionally available is a variable flow 0-60gpm oil supply featuring a 20hp(15kW) TEFC electric motor and variable frequency drive with hydraulic vane pump. Included is a pressure regulating valve for setting transmission main pressure and enables testing of remote mount transmissions without an available lube pump pad. Overpressure protection is standard. Regulator range of 25-400psi standard, with other pressures available (components rated to 3000psi).

Test Stand Features

Two Separate Fluid Reservoirs with Thermostatically Controlled Immersion Heaters
Enables preheating of fluid to normal operating temperature before testing. Lube oil transfer pumps for each reservoir with dual path filtration are provided for filling and draining of test items. These are connected to QD (quick disconnect) hydraulic fittings for quick configuration. Single lever fill and return valves with ISO labeling are standard.

High Flow (100gpm) 10-micron Filtration
Provided for the transmission or converter lube oil circuits during long term durability testing. Large QD fittings are standard for connections to filters and oil cooler.

Air to Oil Cooler with Thermostatically Controlled Cooling Fans
Maintains test piece oil temperature within limits during testing. The operator sets minimum and maximum allowable test temperatures and the system automatically maintains fluid temperature within limits.

Three High Accuracy 1%FS 0.2% Repeatability High Pressure Turbine Flow Meters with a 2-80 GPM Range
Installed with straight flow paths before and after meters for the best possible accuracy are standard. Large QD style connections are provided with hydraulic adapters down to mate with -24 to -6 hose sizes.

Quiet and Smooth Operation
Electric motors operate at low noise levels with a minimum of vibration and with better efficiency than a hydraulically driven solution.

Low Maintenance
The TS Test Stands require a minimum level of maintenance – routine greasing of a handful of grease fittings is the bulk of the preventative maintenance required.

Perfect Configuration Testing
TS Test Stands meet SAE Standards to replicate the engine flywheel and flywheel housing creating test conditions that exactly duplicate the installed condition of the component.

Variable Speed AC Drive
380V to 480V 3-phase 50 or 60Hz primary voltage.
Optional 575VAC.

Data Acquisition System with Integrated Control Panel
An operator friendly control panel with real time display of measured pressures and temperatures enables testing without a PC connected. Real time feedback on sensor connections is provided for ease of test setup.

Transmission Controller
J1939 Shift Controller integrated into control panel. Spare panel space for installing third party transmission controllers. Six double-ended On/Off outputs or Proportional Outputs, short-circuit protected, allow testing of traditional electric solenoid controlled transmissions with mechanical rate of rise control. Dual voltages standard for 12V or 24V negative ground system testing, configured by a single rocker switch.

Automated Testing
Computer control of drive speed available to automate speed profiles during tests. Test scripting is also available to provide step by step testing instructions.

PC-based Data Acquisition
Windows PC for logging all data with graphical real-time display and .csv file data export for analysis.

Advanced Data Logging
Timed and on-demand data logging of test unit operating data.

Hydraulic Component Testing
Compatible with pump drives for mounting and testing hydraulic pumps. Tank suction and return ports provided for connecting components that require a remote sump.

Fluid Conditioning
Fluid heaters, cooler and filtration built-in with QD fitting connections. Moisture trap tank breathers are standard.

Expandable Architecture
The modular system allow for easy expansion for future needs if additional data channels are required and for interfacing with additional TCMs.

Remote Telematics
Remote real-time support is available via a secure cellular (GSM) modem enabling remote troubleshooting and programming updates.

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